JMac RX'ing the workout!

JMac RX’ing the workout!

I posted on the Thor Fitness FB page yesterday the details of season 3 of the Amp Army Long Island Fitness League.  Is anyone interested in forming a team or teams?  Ever since we moved into this huge facility many of you have been asking me to host a competition.  Well, now is the time.  This is your chance to get some competitions under your belt right in your own backyard at Thor Fitness and CrossFit Strong Island in Merrick.  If you form a team of 8 it will only be $120 expense and you won’t have to compete every Saturday.  That’s why you have a team of 4 to 8 so you can alternate.  So I did my part being a host for Season 3.  The first day is September 20th.  Who is in?


Sumo Deadlift

1 RM

CrossFit WOD:

EMOM: X 15

Min 1: 6 sumo deadlift 60% of 1 rm

Min 2: Plank hold 40 sec

min 3: 10 T2B


4 X 500 Meter row

90 sec rest between intervals

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