This warm up includes all the cardio equipment. We’ll rotate through and clean equipment in between. The 1 minute rest is approximate so don’t worry about the clock, just clean your station and move on. Get the work done and get warm.

Part A

At warm up pace

30 Cal Ski

Rest 1 Minute

30 Cal Assault Bike

Rest 1 Minute

30 Cal Row

1 Minute rest

Wipe down gear after use.

Part B

Power Clean

Touch and go


Last week was sets of 5. Try to notch that final set up a bit. No regrip at bottom but you can pause in the rack position

Part C

14 minutes

2,4,6,8, . . .

Calorie assault bike

Power Clean 135/95

H/R Push-Ups

Reset Bike every round

Performance: 115/80

Fitness: 95/65