For Wednesday we have a version of the Bergeron Beep Test. This is a straight forward conditioning test created by Ben Bergeron. The RX version of this is as follows: at the start of the workout, complete 7 thrusters 75/55, 7 Pull-ups and 7 burpees. IF you can complete that in one minute, you rest for the remainder of the minute and start again in minute 2. When you can no longer complete the prescribed work in one minute. You’re done.

For those who wish to try that EMOTM version, go for it! Otherwise, we will be doing this as a 12 Minute AMRAP to see how many rounds we can get. There will be two sets of scores. One for the EMOTM style, and one for the AMRAP style. You can post either one, or both.

My advice is to see how long you can hang on with the EMOTM. If you get a round or two or three, awesome. That’s your EMOTM score. Then, keep working until the 12 minute mark and however many rounds you get total will be your AMRAP score.


Front Squat

10 Reps at 60%

8 Reps at 70%

6 Reps at 75%

4 Reps at 80%


“Bergeron Beep Test”

AMRAP 12 or EMOTM for as long as possible

7 Thrusters 75/55

7 Pull-ups

7 Burpees

Scaled Options: Ring Rows, 65/45