Check this kid out. Conquering fears. Conquering weaknesses. Not letting physical shortcomings get in his way. So inspiring. And so indicative of what this sport can do for you.

So let’s get fired up because we have a tough one for Wednesday. Don’t underestimate it! We’re going to time cap it at 30 minutes. Choose your load wisely as this one gets harder as we go. But it’s a fun workout and one of my favorites! Come on in and get it done. If that kid can will himself on to that box, you can do some clean and jerks and some rounds of Cindy!

Also, you’ll notice the weight is a notch higher than standard. We want to avoid creating a groove in our CNS by constantly moving the same weight. So let’s move out of the comfort zone a bit. Tim certainly did with his box jump.


Jerk Complex

2 Push Jerks plus 1 Split Jerk

2+1 X 5


“Such a Jerk”



Clean and Jerks 145/100

Perform one round of strict Cindy in between each set of clean and jerks

**One round of Cindy is 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Air Squats

**Strict Cindy, pull-ups must be strict

PERFORMANCE 145/100, regular Cindy

FITNESS STRENGTH 120/80, Ring Rows in place of pull-ups

FITNESS SPEED 100/70, Ring Rows in Place of Pull-ups