Here’s another athlete profile of Jeanne Marie!!  I heard so much about Jeanne Marie from her husband, Chris,  (then boyfriend) who was a member of Thor Fitness.  Every time I saw him he would tell me how Jeanne Marie, his girlfriend, should be doing CrossFit.  I heard so much about her for a long time that I thought that Chris maybe made her up!!    Finally she joined and has been kicking ass ever since.  I’m so glad you finally came in and listened to Chris, Kristen and Bitz.  Now you’ve got your sister into CrossFit, and she’s hooked as are you.  That’s what CrossFit is all about… community and family. Thank you for another great athlete profile.

Where do you live?
Chris and I just bought our first house in Smithtown.  We moved from a co-op in Hauppauge so we are happy we can still be a part of the fusion family!

What brought you to Thor Fitness?
I was very intimidated to try crossfit before I started.  I knew I wanted a change in my workout routine because I wasn’t having fun anymore.  At the time, I was running marathons and doing some weight training but there are only so many routes to run and it was getting very monotonous.  I remember talking to Kmac and Bitz at a PE meeting and they convinced me to give it a try.  Best decision I’ve ever made!

What were your goals? Have you achieved them?
Before I started crossfit my goals were superficial.  I cared more about what my body looked like and the number on the scale.  CrossFit has completely changed my outlook and now my goals are totally related to what my body can do, not what it looks like.  My goals are forever changing.  Last year one of my goals was to complete Murph with a weight vest.  My latest goals include bar muscle ups and improving my overall strength.  Short explosive workouts like Grace are my nemesis so trying to improve on them.

What do you do when you are not at the gym?
This is my 11th year as a physical education teacher in Sachem (wow that makes me feel old).  I am also the varsity assistant girls soccer coach which is the reason I need to do 5:30am workouts during the fall.  My family has season tickets for the NY Giants so football Sundays are my favorite.  I love to be outside and active and always looking for new things to try.  I also eat paleo so always love trying new recipes and experimenting with new foods.

What crossFit exercise or lifts are your favorite and least favorite?
My least favorite lift is hands down the snatch.  I can’t seem to get it right no matter how hard I try.  It’s like my brain knows what to do but my body won’t follow!
My favorite wods are chippers.  I like that they challenge you both mentally and physically.

Any other tid bit info…
I am really grateful to Patty and all of the coaches at Thor Fitness.  They are all so positive and I love getting feedback that helps correct my form and fix my lifts.  I am also really grateful to all of the members at Thor Fitness.  It really is a family and I love how we can push each other, encourage each other, and bring out the best in each other.

I’m really proud of all of you who took the linear progression strength program seriously for the last 6 weeks and made it in consistently.  There were a lot of PR’s on the front squat today.  Don’t forget to put your PR’s on the board!  This is your bragging rights.  Do it!  Let’s hit more PR’s on the deadlift today.

Don’t forget that Saturday is our fundraiser Barbell For Boobs.  There will be no 8 am class or open gym.  Class time is 9 am and we’ll be doing  heats of 12 starting at 9:15.  Each heat will be judging each other.  Please sign up for a heat time.  Let’s fill up one heat before signing up for the next.  I really hope to have a big turnout as we have done in the last four years.  The workout will be Grace so let’s get some practice with clean and jerks today …



Find 1 Rm

CrossFit WOD:


Even minutes: 5 clean and jerk 135#/95# RX+ 155#/115#

Odd minutes: 10 box jumps 20″/24″ RX+ 30″/24″


EMOTM x 20

Even minutes: 5 clean and jerk 75#/45#

Odd minutes: 10 box jumps 14″/11″ Or step ups