As you all know you are all welcome to come to Thor Fitness any time the doors are open and work on your lifts or skills during class time.  Workouts can only be made up on Saturday’s during open gym at 10 am.  This is the time to come in and do a workout you may have missed. If you are competing and need to work on competition workouts, then I have no problem with those workouts being worked on outside of the open gym time.  Many of you stay after class or come in during class and work on your lifts or do some skill work  like muscle ups or handstand pushups ect… And many of you hardly ever stay for any type of cash out.   So I’d like to give those who like to stay and do a little extra a guide as to what you can work on.  I”ll be calling this Extra Credit, which can be done before class starts or after the wod is over.   It’s very similar to a cash out.  It will be optional, but I highly recommend doing it.  I’ll be posting skill work, endurance, and mini wods.  If you have something in mind that you would like me to post, let me know.


split jerk (off the rack)


CrossFit WOD:

amrap 12 min:

3 bar muscle ups (sub 9 pull ups/9 ring dips)

10 hspu

20 pistols (10 each leg alternating)

Level 1 peeps will be guided as to how to modify the workout!

EXTRA CREDIT: skill work – handstand pushups (kipping or strict)/handstand static hold/handstand walks/ headstand hold into a handstand pushup.  Pick one or work on them all.