I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!!   The kids are going back to school and Summer vacation time unfortunately is over.  It’s time to get your training routine back in order as well as your eating habits.

Starting September 20th Thor Fitness will be hosting the Long Island Fitness League competitions as well as CrossFit Strong Island.  The competitions start on September 20th at Thor Fitness and competitions will alternate for 10 weeks.  So far we have a scaled team of 8 peeps and 4 for Rx.  The cost is $950 per team and the rate is going up after the 4th.  Alex H formed a scaled team under the Thor Fitness name (you can always change the name.) The other remaining 7 need to go on the website and register under that team.  The cost will be divided up between 4 so the remaining will need to pay the 4 who sign up first.  If you are on the white board and do not sign up by the 4th, then someone else may step into that spot.  Register now!!  Who else is interested in signing up for RX?  We have 4 and need 4 to 8.


power clean complex

Power clean + 2 front squats +jerk

5 sets

*** Build in weight as you go or stay with the same weight and work on form and mechanics.

CrossFit WOD:

amrap 10 min:

Wall balls 20#/14# RX+ 10′ target

5-10-15-20-25 …

5 hang power cleans between rounds 135#/85# RX+ 155#/105#