You all rock hitting the CMC wod again!!  It’s not too late to sign up for the Urban Assault in September.  I still have the discount code, if you’re still interested in signing up.

As you all know the parking lot is ripped up and will look like this until Saturday when it will be completed.  You can park in the lot, but I recommend parking on the street.  When you enter the gym pretend it’s your house and wipe your feet really well when entering !!  Thank you!

And on another note let’s talk about the Thor Fitness BBQ.  It’s this Saturday at my house.  I put my address on the sign up sheet.  If you are attending please sign up so I have an idea of how many are coming.  And if you’d like to bring something, you can do so on the sign up sheet as well.  I have a small above ground pool if you want to get pushed in … I mean swim.  The start time is 2 pm until whenever.  Therefore, I am going to close the gym on Sunday due to the fact that I am usually the only one in the gym after a Thor Fitness “gathering.”  Some of you are unable to make it Saturday.  No worries because we will plan a night out for cocktails late September-ish.


3 POSITION CLEAN (squat) x 5

( floor, below knee, above knee)

increase the weight with each set or work on form and mechanics with a comfortable weight

CrossFit WOD:

“Excalibur” (last posted 9/18/13)

amrap 15 min:

3 squat cleans RX 135#/105#  RX+ 155#/125#

6 hspu

9 T2B

*** Level 1 will scale accordingly