It’s getting hot!!! and it’s going to get even hotter.  So what does that mean?  Don’t forget to hydrate!!!  One bottle of water isn’t going to cut it.  Bring a supply of water and hydrate before, during and after the workout.  Also … let’s be aware of how much more we are sweating.  Please wipe down your equipment thoroughly and that means your kettlebells, ab mats, med balls, bars ect.  And please bring a sweat towel!!!!  This is simple gym etiquette.  It will cut down the sweat puddles left on the floor.  I know you all mop up after, but … just bring a sweat towel to cut down on this mess!  Thank you.  Your cooperation is greatley appreciated.



4 x 5

Rest app 2-3 min between sets

CrossFit WOD:


1000 meter row

50 thrusters 45#/33#

30 pull ups

*** Girls if you’ve done this benchmark workout before with 45#, feel free to do 45# on the thruster.

Level 1:

800 meter row

30 thrusters 45#/33#

30 ring rows

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