Liz … after Emily

Thank you everyone for being on time. I’m loving the new class structure. No one is starting too early or too late and everyone is starting strength at the same time. Let’s keep it going.


This Saturday the weightlifting class will be back with Mike at 10 am. There is still open gym at 10 as well. Also, there will be an additional Weightlifting class on Wednesday nights at 6:15. Regular class will be going on as well. Mike will be coaching weightlifting and I will be coaching the regular CrossFit class.

Starting October 1st will be a fun challenge open to everyone. You will have one month to accumulate as many meters as you can on the rower. Meters that you row in a workout will count as well as the rowing you do on your own. Who is in?? Start signing up on the PR white board.

Active warm up first (group)

A Accessory work

Bulgarian split squats  *

3 x 20 (10 each leg)

Bent over row

4 x 8 (choose your weight. No progression)

*split squats can be on the floor or on a small box. Choose your weight

B Metcon

100 kb swings 53#/35#

Every time you break, you must run 400 meters

Rest 5 min

100 wall balls 20#/10′ 14#/9′

Every time you break, you must run 400 meters

Level 1 200 meter run, 26#/18# KB, 12#/8# 8″ target

C  cool down

600 meter run cool down at jogging pace