After five weeks, the Open is over. Every year the workouts get tougher and more challenging. Even if you didn’t compete in the Open, most of you did the workouts during class and got a taste of what the Open is all about.  I was really proud to see you all push through some really grueling workouts week after week. Keep up the momentum and shoot for the Open next year, especially if you didn’t have the opportunity to compete. Do it next year!! And those that competed, awesome job.  You all worked really hard and it showed. Great to see you working harder than usual.

STRENGTH: (group)

squat or power snatch 10 x 2 reps 70% of 1 RM every 60 seconds. Work on technique, form, range of motion and mechanics of the snatch. I would prefer to see squat snatch. 

CrossFit WOD:

amrap 15 min:

8 power snatches 115#/75# RX+ 135#/95#

16 lateral jumps over the bar

200 meter run