Coming up on Saturday, November 7th is our Barbells For Boobs fundraiser. So far we have 17 fundraisers … that’s it!  This is the least amount of people ever to participate. I set a goal of $2,500, as I do every year. And every year we reach that and then some! So far we’ve reached $2000. So what are you waiting for? Start a fundraiser page and do the best you can. It doesn’t have to be a lot. The workout is 30 clean and jerks. I usually have two heats. Heat 1 “judges” heat 2 and then we switch. They aren’t really judging but being a support system to push you through the workout. And after we usually finish up with “beverages.”  If you want to register, it’s not too late. Click HERE and form your individual page and join the Thor Fitness 2015 team.




EMOTM 10 min or 5 rds:

Odd min: 2 x split jerk off the rack (work up to a heavy double)

Even min: Max bar or ring mu’s. If you don’t have mu’s then pull-ups

CrossFit WOD:

amrap 18 min:

5 clean and jerk 135#/95# RX+ 155#/ 115#

10 T2B

30 double unders (2:1 singles)