Thursday, October 31, 2013


Thursday, October 31, 2013


George getting creative!

Happy Halloween!  Here are a few schedule changes for the week. 

This Saturday the weightlifting class will be cancelled for the day, and will resume the following week.  Also CrossFit  Kids will be rescheduled for Friday at 4:30 instead of Thursday.

I want to give everyone the heads up that you will be receiving an email from The Box HQ.  I am getting software for the gym and everyone will be asked to set up a member profile.  In addition to the profile information,  you will be asked for credit card info.  I am switching over to a new credit card processing company.  The Box HQ has your membership start date and email but will need your credit card info in order to process your membership.

When everyone responds back and all info is in, I will let you all know that we are up and running.   I will be asking you all to log in when you get to class on my I pad.   You DO NOT have to sign up and reserve a spot for class in advance.   Also, you will be able to sign out anything from the Thor Fitness store and I will add it to your account.  It will be charged to your account along with your membership.  You are always welcome to pay cash as usual.  This will be based on the honor system as we have going on now.  I’ll talk to you all more about this during class.

We also have a new logo for gym apparel being designed.  I’ll have inventory on hoodies, t shirts, thermals, tanks and head bands.  These items you will also be able to charge to your account as well.  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.  Have a Happy Halloween if you’re spending the day with your kids!


Bench press


CrossFit WOD:



Front squats 135#/95#  RX+ 155#/115#

15 double unders after each set

Level 1:


Front squats 65#/35#

30 singles after each set

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