5 sets: 2 position clean

hang squat clean + squat clean

CrossFit WOD:

2010 Northeast Sectional wod #2

15 min time cap:

10 Front squats 155/95

20 double unders

8 Front squats

30 double unders

6 Front squats

40 double unders

4 Front squats

50 double unders

2 Front squats

60 double unders

**The bar will be cleaned from the ground to front rack position. No squat clean allowed. 

Check out this video on proper form and technique on the front squat.  Many of you do not roll the bar back on your finger tips, which leads to lack of positioning the bar in the front rack position. If you grip the bar in a death grip you will not be able to get your elbows up, which will lead to the bar dipping forward and back rounding out. Work with a weight you are comfortable with in order to keep your form and technique spot on. No more sloppy front squats please!!!! That means break parallell!!! I know you can do it! If I were to no rep you as if you were in a competition, I bet you’d break parallel.
Also I know many of you never end the front squat with full hip extension.  Stand all the way up when you are done with the front squat!  Do not short change your rep. This would also be a no rep in competition.