Many of you have taken the Judge’s course for the Open, which is awesome!  It’s not an easy test, but I know it will open some eyes as to what myself, Kristen and Santiago have been saying over and over again when referring to full range of motion and proper form for most of the exercises posted in your workouts. I wish everyone would take this test just to reaffirm everything we do in class. It will help all of you with your workouts and re-enforce what we have been coaching over and over again. The Open starts next week. Who is ready?  If you haven’t registered yet do it now.


5 sets of the complex:

3 press

3 push press

3 push jerk

Increase the weight with each set

CrossFit WOD:

With a 12 min clock accumulate as many reps as possible of :

1 min power clean and jerks 115/85 RX+ 135/105

1 min sit ups

2 min power clean and jerks

2 min sit ups

3 min power clean and jerks

3 min situps

RX 115/85

 RX+ 135/105

L1 85#/55#

Extra credit:

Tabata bottom to bottom squats