I hope you all had a healthy, Happy New Year!  Now with the holidays over, it’s time to get back into your normal routine of training and eating healthy.  Many of you have been MIA for the last few weeks.  Get back in ASAP!  Feel free to post your New Year’s resolutions in the comment section.  Maybe you’ll inspire someone or maybe you’ll have similar resolutions. 

I would like to congratulate Jeanne Marie and Chris who tied the knot on New Years Eve!!!  I’m sure Jeanne Marie looked gorgeous and Chris was a handsome groom. 



Split Jerk


CrossFit WOD:

“New Year”

500 meter row

50 double under or 100 singles

5 rds:

5 shoulder to overhead 135#/95#

10 lateral burpees over bar


500 meter row

50 double unders or 100 singles

The workout starts and ends with a buy in of a 500 meter row and 50 double unders or 100 singles and ends with the same cash out. 

5 Responses

  1. Ann

    Congrats to Jeanne Marie and Chris!!! Best wishes to You!!! For my New Years Resolution , I would like to always live in the Now. My life has been an interesting journey and not everything has turned out the way I excpected but it has led me to CrossFit which has changed my mind and body in ways I couldn’t imagine and I want to continue to get stronger in the New Year. A friend forwarded me a link to watch by Sam Harris “it’s Always Now” and I watched til the end and it reiterated things I already knew but needed to be reminded of, I want to live in the Now. Happy New Year Everyone!

  2. Pam

    Congrats Jeanne Marie and Chris and Happy New Year everyone! As one of those who have been MIA for the past few weeks with the craziness of the holidays (and for those of us in academia – Final Exams!), I am resolving this year to make time for myself and push myself to get my ass to the gym even when my life seems like a series of unending chores 🙂 Can’t wait to get back next week – I miss you Patty!

  3. Chris C

    Hey patty Monday I’ll be back to my reg sched….I can’t wait to be back there with you guys….the holidays are OVER!!!

  4. Megan Cos

    Feels GREAT to be back (but sore lol). My New Years resolution is to make it into the frequent flyers club 😉 and to get double unders and kipping pull-ups so that I don’t look like a freak when I do DU’s or pull-ups… I mean…. So I’m better at them…. Love you all looking forward to getting even more strong in 2014!!!!