Next month the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge 2015 starts on January 19th.  Registration opens on December 1st.  Every year we usually do a Paleo Challenge organized in our box, but this year I’d like to get involved with this nationwide challenge. It’s only five weeks and it starts after the holidays, which is perfect for  New Year resolutions.  Check out the details in the highlighted text above. I will participate in the challenge with everyone as well. Let me know who is interested.  This is something we should all be doing as a group to support each other through the diet as well as the workouts.  It’s all done online, so it’s pretty easy to track everything. 


Bench press


CrossFit WOD:

12 min  amrap:

3 dead lift 225#/155# RX+ 255#/185#

3 K2E

6 dead lift

6 K2E

9 dead lift

9 K2E

12 dead lift

12 K2E

ect …