Announcements: Great attendance this week with these grinding wods. Don’t forget we are in the middle of a new apparel sale. Check out the link and get your order in by the end of the week!

10 Minute Stations

3 Minute Rest

Station 1

500 Meter Bike erg

10 Bulgarians Right, 10 left

20 Jumping Lunges

Station 2

10/8 Cal Row

12 KB Glute bridge Floor Press 44/26

10 KB Curls 44/26

Station 3

12/10 Cal Ski

12 Hanging Leg Raises

20 Hollow Rocks

Station 4

0-4 Minutes

50/35 Cal Assault Bike

4-6 Minutes


6-10 Minutes

50/35 Cal Assault Bike

*These assault bike numbers might be tough to hit. Let’s go after it hard though. You do get a rest so look at it like max cal 4 minute intervals.