Imagine today was a BLAZE day? Hang in there with me. It can’t be like this forever. We’ll get back to crushing BLAZE and hanging out on the bench after talking about the workout and cursing me.

For those of you that are faltering a little with the diet. You don’t have to be perfect. Focus on one or two improvements. Reduce sugar and alcohol, hydrate, add a veggie. Let’s get through it. Text me if you have any questions about training or nutrition!

Let’s try another unplugged day.


Buy in . . .

10 minute walk or run, no headphones, listening to the surroundings.

3 Rounds

30 Unloaded good mornings, hands behind head. Not fast

30 Russian Twists with a heavy book, preferably Dostoyevsky

Cash out . . .

10 Minute walk or run, no headphones, listening to the surroundings