BLAZE Thursday! Okay guys, it’s a touch different today. We will all be starting on station ZERO. The coach will run the clock for 4 minutes. In that 4 minutes we will complete max reps of burpees. That will be your Station Zero score on the whiteboard.

Then the coach will give you approximately a minute to get your act together and get to your first Blaze station. We will be sticking with the AMRAP format and stations 1-5 for 7 minutes each with a 1 minute rest in between.

Station ZERO

4 Minutes max Burpees

Station 1

10 Cal Row

15 Push-ups

Station 2

10 Cal Ski

15 Wall Balls 14/10

Station 3

20 Toe Touch Crunches

20 Strict Knee Raises

Station 4

500m Bike erg

15 Empty Barbell Curls

15 Empty Barbell Strict Presses

Station 5

10 Cal Assault Bike

15 Ring Rows