Way to keep the streak going guys! Inclement weather AND snatches and OHS and still had a nice turnout on Thursday. Love it. Let’s burn some calories with this BLAZE workout. For the Devil’s presses, grab some DB’s you’re comfortable with. For the ladies anywhere between 15 and 25, for the guys, anywhere between 35 and 50. Also, we have Push-Ups with rotations. This is a very cool movement. Check out the video at the bottom.

So, we have 4 minute stations. We’re going through the whole thing twice. Let’s do it!

Station 1

2 Rounds

8 Push-Ups with Rotation

12/8 Cal Assault Bike

Station 2

2 Rounds

12/8 Cal Row

6 Devil’s Press

Station 3

30 Cross Body Crunches

30 Abmat Sit-ups

20 Strict Knee Raises

Station 4

500 Meter Ski

25 Russian KB swings 35/26

Station 5

2 Rounds

500/400 Meter Bike Erg

8 Barbell Curls

8 Barbell Strict Press