Well once again we have 5 stations. In each station you must complete the prescribed work in 4 minutes. We’ll be running through the entire circuit twice. There are some new movements so I have posted some videos below but your coach will also review them.

So here’s the deal. These reps are tough to get in. Do not worry! There might be a station that is in your wheelhouse and you have rest. There might be another station that is trouble for you and you don’t make it. That’s okay! This is about getting work done and not stressing. Scale as you need. If you’ve never done a wall sit before, don’t use the KB. Or try a lighter one. Let’s all post in RX and you can make notes about your modifications. BLAZE is about sweat and camaraderie, not competition. That being said, I bet you can do more than you think you can! Fight for the reps!

Station 1

4 Minutes

24/18 Cal Assault

15 Burpees

Station 2

4 Minutes

30/24 Cal Row

40 Med ball floor toss

Station 3

4 Minutes

1500/1200 meter Bike Erg

Station 4

4 Minutes

:40 Second KB Goblet Loaded Wall Sit 35/26

32/26 Cal Ski

Station 5

4 minutes

50 Mountain Climbers

50 Crunches