Hey guys. The 4th of July Apparel is in and Matt did a great job! They’re on the display shelf . Tees are $25, tanks and muscle tees are $22. If you want one, grab one and put the cash in the box next to the fridge. Take change if you need it. Thanks!

Alright, another long one for Blaze. Forty minutes of work but you can do it! And definitely bring a towel! We’ll be spending two minutes at each station. And proceed through all 5 stations four times.

4 Rounds

5 Stations

2 Minutes Per station

Every two minutes on the two minutes

Station 1

20/16 Cal Ski

Station 2

24/16 Cal Bike

Station 3

20 Crunches/ 20 Reverse Crunches

Station 4

10/8 Cal Row/10 Burpee over the rower

Station 5

100 Meter jog

So. . .there are 4 ski ergs, so the max number we will have at any one station is 4. We will start at different stations, depending on how many people are in class and proceed through the stations in order.