We’re almost to the end of the week. Are we maybe feeling it a little in the lower half after Wednesday’s workout? That’s okay! We moved some pretty good weight this week with Thrusters, heavy KB’s and also Clean and Jerks. So for Thursday this week, I’d like to hit something I’m calling BLAZE programming. In the same way that SHRED is a CrossFit based bodybuilding program, BLAZE will be a CrossFit based cardio program. It IS CrossFit, but instead of working 7 minutes at 90% capacity, we’ll be working 30 or more minutes at 75% capacity. And, we’ll mix some core and accessory work into the circuit. This core and accessory work will have the benefit of strengthening the midline, but will also allow the heart rate to come down which will enable us to keep working.

So with that. . . let’s do it!


35 minute EMOTM

7 Rounds

Minute 1:

13/9 cal assault

Minute 2:

12 Burpee

Minute 3:

:40 second hollow rock

Minute 4:

150 meter Run

Minute 5:

:40 second plank

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