I have the winners of the Paleo Challenge!  The first place winner is Jean Paul Hanna!  Second place winner is John Zep and third place winner is Kenny Cerullo!  The total pot was $930.  Jean Paul is taking home 70% ($651).  John Zep is taking home 20% ($186) and Kenny is taking home 10% ($93.)  Congratulations to you guys and everyone that entered that challenge.  I’m happy to hear that most of you got a lot out of this challenge and will continue the Paleo diet and be consistent with training.

And to all of the cherry pickers that didn’t come in and do the endurance wod … I guess your endurance and stamina is pretty fantastic and don’t need to come in and run and row.  Attendance was cut in half.  That’s pretty sad.


Hang clean

5 x 2

CrossFit WOD:

5 rds:

5 clean and jerk 155#/115#

10 pull ups

15 wall balls 20#/16#

*** scale accordingly

Level 1:

5 rds:

5 clean and jerk 75#/45#

10 pull ups or ring rows

15 wall balls 12#/8#