Check out another awesome athlete profile from Matt Frageau, the guy who has every one beat with the super committed club because he not only trains at 5:30 am but comes back or a two-a-day at night for extra cardio. Matt definitely made a decision to get serious with his training and most of all his diet and check out his progression. Pretty amazing and I’m super proud of him. He surpassed his 50 pound weight loss goal and has a 75# total weight loss and is now focusing on putting a few pounds back on to build up.

Matt’s before

And Matt’s After!

Where do you live?

I live in Saint James.

What brought you to Thor Fitness?

Quick answer: Facebook. About 2 years ago, I had spoken with my wife about getting healthier and with that, I got a trainer at Energy gym; I did not like it and was bored stupid. Ironically, 2 weeks later, I saw a post on FB for a 6 week challenge at a crossfit gym. I said ehh why not and so I signed up. I went to the initial meet & greet and did not get a good vibe at all and they were heavily pushing Paleo. So I decided to not do the challenge and looked towards doing something else. About a week later another challenge came up in my feed, this time it was for Thor Fitness. So I said, sure why not, I’ll go check this place out also. I got a good feeling about it after speaking with Patty and started the 6-week challenge. It was an interesting 6 weeks and I hurt every day, but it wasn’t boring. So I decided to continue with CF after the challenge was done. It was nice to know that two of the 6-week challenge guys still continued with it also. I now wake up looking forward to going to Thor Fitness and get annoyed when I can’t go. Other than hurting everyday, I don’t think I saw much difference in myself during the 6 week challenge. Of course, I love to eat; so that’s the main problem.

What were your goals? Have you achieved them?

My original goal was simply to be healthier for my kids. I believe that I have surpassed that goal at this point. After my 3rd injury which kept me away from working out for awhile (which actually still persists today to a lesser extent) I decided to push forward and change my goals. My goal morphed into being a weight loss goal. My new goal was to lose 50 pounds from June till the end of August of this past year. I achieved this goal by doing CF and eating smaller meals. I continued by creating another new goal of 30 pounds before New Years. Unfortunately, I came close to this goal but never achieved it; missed by 5 pounds. In setting and working on these goals, I realized that they were numerical but should have been more practical such as loss of size or ability to do new things; both of which I feel as though I have achieved. I still need to work on my food portion size and type of food to reach further goals.

What do you do when you are not at the gym?

I am a science teacher but my wife says that I am always at the gym. So I spend my time working and with my family.

What crossFit exercise or lifts are your favorite and least favorite?

Favorite exercise: Can you really say that you have a favorite? I would probably say Deadlifts but most likely because they are the easiest for me and I can lift a good amount of weight.  

Least favorite exercise: oh there are many but my least favorite would most likely be Wall Balls and/or OHS.

Any other tid bit info…

As a side note, I have noticed a big difference in my cardio since I started periodically coming in for a second time during the day.


Every 4 min x 5 rounds

500 meter row

5 power snatches @ 50 % of 1 Rm

Round 2 is 4 reps @ 60%

Round 3 is 3 reps @ 70%

Round 4 is 2 reps @ 80%

Round 5 is 1 rep @ 90%



15 push ups

25 Russian kb swings