Don’t forget that this Saturday is our holiday party at Nappers in Smithtown! We have a big turnout for the night! I know everyone is busy with holiday parties, and not everyone can make it, but if you can stop by that would be great!

Check out the white board for our new apparel for the winter. There’s a lot to choose from. The order sheet is on a separate clipboard. This will not be ready for Christmas. Please place your order and have your money in ASAP.

Today we have a cardio/strength program to start with. Feel free to sub out a row for the bike if there aren’t enough bikes


E2MOTM x 10 rds

10/7 cal assault bike

2 power snatches

Start light and progress in weight to the heaviest you can hit without losing form.


4 RDS:

3 min Amrap:

3 hang power snatches

6 push ups

9 air squats

1 min rest

Open: 135/95


Fitness:  95/55

*** Start where you left off for each Amrap