Muscle Up Paleo came to the 5, 6 and 7 pm class last night and met with many of you and gave a brief intro to their company.  They also came with samples from their menu.  I have a few samples left if you’d like to give them a try.  You are also welcome to drop them an email and request a sample if I don’t have any left.  If you’re really interested, do it!  I had one of the samples, and it was soooo good.  All ingredients are listed for each meal when you order and in a few days will have the nutritional break down for every item on the menu for the week.  The menu changes weekly and you have a choice of cold or meals that need to be heated.  Check it out Here for more details.



Take 10 to 15 minutes after warm up and work on pistols

CrossFit WOD:


3 rds:

400 meter run w/sandbag 40#/20#

20 lunges w/sandbag 40#/20# (10 each leg)

15 kb swings 53#/35#

30 sit ups


3 rds:

200 meter run

20 lunges

15 kb swings

20 sit ups

Check out this video on the pistol progressions to put to use …