Here is a post and workout from one of my favorite bloggers/CrossFitters, Freddy Camacho.



We’ve all been there. You know the moment I’m talking about. The “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” moment. You could be home sitting on the couch watching Law & Order reruns. You could be at Yogurtland loading a cup full of delicious goodies. You could be out with friends sipping wonderful adult beverages. NOPE. Instead, you are at the gym working your ass off AND IT IS HARD!

Get past that moment. If you don’t smash that moment like a bug, you’ll start having that moment BEFORE you get to the gym. Suddenly, taking one night off this week from another burpee workout sounds like a good idea. The next week, two nights will be okay. Before you know it, you don’t know the “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” moment anymore. You’ll have a new moment. The one where you wonder, “WHY AREN’T I WORKING OUT ANYMORE?



Bench press

5 x 3

CrossFit WOD:

800 meter run buy in:

8 rds:

4 hspu

8 pull ups

12 air squats

RX + strict hspu, C2B pull ups


400 meter run buy in:

8 rds:

4 db press

8 ring rows

12 air squats

*** 20 min time cap. Your score is time or rounds and reps after the buy in.