The weekend of March 29th and 30th I will be hosting the USAW level 1 sports performance coaching certification.   The cost is $495.  The cert is open to anyone.  This is a great certification to have as a coach, but if you’re also interested in learning the lifts from the coaches who coach our USA olympians, you may want to sign up.  I did this cert in September and out of the many certifications that I have, this one was by far the best.  I requested the same coaches, Mark Cannella and JP.  I know for sure Mark will be here.  Click HERE for the link to register and get more information.


GOOD MORNING: 3 x 5 light

Deadlift  4 X 5 @80%

CrossFit WOD:

“Glory Days” (last posted 12/16/13)
EMOTM 12 min:
Even minutes:
10 deadlift 225#/155# Level 1 95#/65#
Odd minutes:
15 wall balls 20#/14# Level 1 12#/8#