Let’s get back to a normal schedule today!!  No snow in the forecaste …. until Sunday night into Monday… again.  Sorry for closing am classes on Wednesday.  The snow accumulation wasn’t bad, but roads were horrible, and I know you guys are die hards and would possible risk driving to Thor Fitness to get a workout in.

Starting February 27th is the CrossFit 2014 Open competitions.  If you’re not familiar with the Open, check out the details HERE and register!!  I know many of you have already registered, as well as myself.  It’s not too late.  The Open wods will be posted as our daily wod on a week to week basis.  I’ll also be available to judge those who can’t make it in on days that the Open wods are posted to judge and validate your score.  Each year the Open gets better and competition gets tougher.  If you have any questoins as to whether you should register, come see me!

Janurary PR board

January PR board


Front squat 3 x 3

Power clean 5 x 3

CrossFit WOD:

7 min ascending ladder:

3/3, 6/6, 9/9 ect…

Front squats 115#/80#  RX+ 135#/100# Level 1 65#/35#

pull ups  Rx+ C2B Level 1 Ring Rows