Wow!! What a job on 21.1 by EVERYONE. Every person I saw was giving maximum effort with great attitude. I loved it. And thanks to all the members who jumped in and judged and for all the people who stayed to support all the athletes. Awesome!

Now, back to regular programming!

We have stations for SHRED. Let’s do it.

8 Minute Stations

3 Minute Rest

Station 1

7 Cal Ski

10 Bench 135/75

7 Ring Dips

Station 2

7 Cal Assault Bike

10 Push Press 95/65

7 SDHP 95/65

Station 3

7 Cal Bike

10 Barbell Curls 55/35

7 Ring Rows

Part B


4 Rounds

20 Toe Touch Crunches with DB

20 Bicycle kicks