Suitcase carries at SHRED

For Sunday we have a workout that has been my go to wod lately. Its a combination of a few SHRED workouts we’ve done combined into one. It includes strict chin-ups and strict ring dips. So make sure you spend a few minutes setting up and making sure you have the right size bands and/or band height.

Part A is a 35 minute workout that starts with a buy in and finishes with an AMRAP in the remaining time. The score will be rounds and reps for the remaining time AMRAP.

Part B is a standard Ab EMOTM

Part A

35 Minutes

Buy in


Strict Ring Dips

Strict Chin Ups

directly into. . .

40 DB Rows, alternating 5 per side (50,35)

40 DB Pullovers

directly into AMRAP

10 Cal Row

10 Feet elevated pushups

15 Abmat Situps or GHD’s

Part B

10 Minute EMOTM

Odd: 45 second plank

Even: 25 Tuck Ups