Hi everyone!! I had a great vacation, but I’m so happy to be home. I missed you all!! I need a day to re-group and fill you all in on the details of the Nutrition challenge that I’m super excited about. I’d like to kick it off toward the end of the month. I’m going to make this so easy for everyone interested. No macro or calorie counting, and six weeks to dial in on eating really clean whether you are looking to lose weight or just eat clean and lean out a little more. You will be held accountable every day with a point system for healthy eating and sleeping and a weekly weigh in. Just let that marinade for a little while until I put out details and get ready to make some positive changes.


Buy-in: 30 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)

10 rounds for time:

– 30 DUs

– 10 Toes to Bar

– 10 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)

Cash-out: 30 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)