I have a Faith RXD Long Island event at South Shore but you’re in good hands with Mike R and Matt Z.

This might be our last SHRED for a few weeks because of the Open so hit this hard.

Here’s a little variation of our Golden 6 Workout. If those burpees are slowing you down, cut them to 3 or take a round off.

Every 2 minutes, stop and do 5 Burpees starting on the 0:00, including the row.

50 Bench Presses 95/65

50 KB Curls 35/26

50 Barbell Upright Row 45/35

50 AbMat Situps

50 Back Squats 95/65 (Take from floor)

50 Deadlifts 95/65

50/40 Cal Row

Even if you finish early, this should be all the work you need. However, if you need extra work, let’s get a Tabata assault bike ride in and see how many cals we can get.