Okay guys, here it is again. A big chipper based on Reg Park and Arnold’s Golden Six Routine. We hit this every few months. We did it in August. We’ll hit it again Saturday.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Mike R is away so there will be no weightlifting class on Sunday. We will be having open gym form 8-10. Come in and get some work in.

Golden 6

50/40 Cal Row Buy in

40 Back Squats 135/95

30 Bench Presses 135/75

30 Strict chin ups (Scaled is banded or supinated ring rows)

40 Strict Barbell Presses 75/45

30 Barbell Curls 75/45

100 AbMAt Situps RX+ GHD Situps (proceed with caution)

50 Cal Bike Cash out