Saturday: 9 am only and 10 am open gym

Sunday: 9 am only

Monday: 9 am only

I know many of you are away already.  Have a great Labor Day weekend!!  Starting next week let’s focus on getting back into a regular training schedule. 

So far we have 7 peeps signed up for the scaled team for Long Island Fitness League competitions and four for RX.  Who else is interested?  The first competition kicks off right here at Thor Fitness on September 20th.  Warm up time is 11 am  and start time is 12 sharp until 2.  The price is $950 per team.   The price will go up on September 4th.  Register now!! If you’d like more details click HERE.

The parking lot is finally paved!  We won’t be able to park on it until Wednesday.  Thank you!!

CrossFit WOD:

5 rds:

200 meter run

5 hspu

10 pistols (alternating)

20 medball situps 20#/14#