Awesome Friday guys. Good crowds and good work. We have some good weather coming up so we’ll try to take advantage of it.

I also want to say the vibe in the gym has been awesome. Everyone is focused on their own wod, their own movements, their own tempo. This focus will translate to every part of the wod and increase your performance and enhance your results. Plus it’s contagious. I love it.

Here’s a variation on 19.1. Let’s have fun.

As always, please register early and do the survey. Thanks!!

Part A

5 Rounds

10/8 Cal Bike

10 Alt single Arm KB Swing 44/26

6 Goblet Squats-Same Kettlebell

Part B

0-8 Minutes

800 Meter Run

8-22 Minutes


19 Cal Row

19 Wall Balls

22-30 Minutes

800 Meter Run

Three Scores: 1st Run, AMRAP, 2nd Run