Bring in your jump ropes!!! We are going to practice double unders for the first ten minutes before hitting the workout. Check out this video from the main website.  I thought it was a great instructional video…

CrossFit WOD:

“The Bear Complex”

Complete 7 sets of the following for 5 rounds (NFT)

1 power clean

1 front squat

1 push press

1 back squat

1 push press


You may not put the bar down during the round of 7 sets of the bear sequence.  Start light and increase the weight for each round to end up with a max amount of weight. You must break parallel on your squats and fully lock out your arms on the push press.  You must reach full hip extension after your clean.   You may thruster the bar from the clean but you may not squat clean.  You may rest the bar on your back or in rack position or whichever way you want, but don’t drop the bar or your done with the workout.  Good luck!!!  This one sneaks up on you.