Thor Fitness Announcements

There is no news about reopening gyms. The state of Georgia reopened gyms but according to some interviews I’ve read in various CrossFit publications, many CrossFit Affiliates, even in Georgia, are saying that it was probably too soon. So New York State is on lockdown to May 15 so that is probably the soonest date, but I’m thinking June 1 might be more realistic.

That being said, there are a few things you should know.

1) Thor Fitness is reopening on day one. I don’t know what day one will look like in terms of schedules, spacing, PPE, etc. But we WILL be open on Day One. I’ll stay all day and give personal training to groups of three if I have to. There are some gyms that are having difficulty staying viable during this time. Thor Fitness is not one of them. We will be back and better than ever. Thanks in no small part to our awesome members.

2) Safety will be of primary importance. I’ve been stockpiling cleansers, wipes, etc. and have been cleaning and wiping down the gym in my spare time. My wife, Karen, saw this coming and was ordering things for the gym early so we’re good to go! Thor Fitness will be providing the safest possible environment for us to do what we do.

3) Just a shout out to everyone who is sticking with this. I get awesome messages of support from you guys every single day. I know not everyone can continue to support the gym through membership. No worries! It’s all good! Do the wods, post pics, be part of the environment. It’s awesome.

FYI I’m putting together a discount program to pay back some of the support that has been shown over the last two months. So thank you.

4) Go all the way down on your push-ups when I program them. And don’t worm.


5 Rounds for Time

20 Situps

20 Jumping Lunges

20 Hollow Rocks

20 Alt Prisoner step ups (Hands behind head)