There’s a lot of questions about the Throw down that I mentioned to you all this week.  I posted the workouts by the main entrance and I’m taking names of those that are interested in competing or judging.  If I have too many on the list and not enough spots I will a have a face off competition of Wod #1 between those that want to compete, but don’t let that stop you!!  Sign up ASAP so I can put teams together.

CrossFit WOD:

20 min amrap:

max power cleans  135#/95# until failure

150 meter run every time you put the bar down.

*** The bar can not rest on the ground at all.  Once you put the bar down run 150 meters and then continue the power cleans.  Your score is the total number of power cleans completed.


CrossFit TOTAL:

Back squat 1 RM

Shoulder press 1 RM

dead lift 1 RM


12-9-6 snatches

pull ups

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