I made an announcement about the 6:30 am Tuesday and Thursday class being cancelled next week. Well …. I am going to keep this class open for the next few weeks to see if attendance picks up. If you are a 6:30 am peep get in on those days!! I don’t want to close this class out for those few that attend.

And speaking of attendance … Thanksgiving came and so many of you are MIA!! What’s going on??  Don’t get caught up in the holiday scuffle. That’s no reason to slack off training. It’s a reason to keep on track and keep those waist lines down. Get in today and put those running sneakers on.



1 mile run

50 wall balls 20#/10′ 14#/9′

1 mile run


800 Meter run

50 wall balls 14#/10′ 10#/9′

800 meter run