The wod starts with handstand push-ups. If you can not do 4 handstand push ups unbroken, do not do RX. When you get hung up on an exercise in a workout and find yourself spending a lot of time struggling to do something RX, then it’s time to scale. You are taking the intensity out of the workout. Do the right thing today and scale when needed. Move faster, with full ROM and perfect mechanics. You’ll have the best workout this way!

CrossFit WOD:

6 rds:

4 hspu

8 deadlift 255#/185#

12 box jumps 24″/20″

30 du’s


1: Snatch: Every 2 minutes x 10 minutes. Add weight every 2 minutes.

2. Clean and jerk: Same as snatch

3. bent over row 3 x 10

Work capacity: 50 partner tire flips