The 2014 CrossFit Games Open has begun!!  What a great day judging those who came out to tackle the 14.1 Open workout.  I’ll be judging all weekend as well as Monday.  If you want to be videoed, let me know so we can set up the I pad.  It’s pretty awesome every year with new members tackling the Open workouts along side of those who have been through the Open year after year.  I judged a handful of peeps today squeezing in the wod before or after class and immediately there was a gathering of people supporting those being judged and pushing them through the workout.  You guys rock!!  I did this Open workout at CrossFit South Shore today (Friday) with old friends, owners Doug and Tara for judging.  It was great to be there at their box doing this Open workout again, since I had done it in 2011 with them as well.  I was a hesitant about doing the Open again, since I haven’t been training as steady as I’d like, but I was only off by 8 reps from 3 years ago.  This gives me hope!!  So the lesson learned, if you fall off track with your training, it’s not too late to get back on!!  Train hard and train consistently.   Once you fall off, it’s that much harder to get back. 

Today we have three members competing at CrossFit 631.  Alison, Megan and Andrew have been training hard for this competition.  Come out and show your support!!  Good luck!!

CrossFit WOD:

3 rds:

15 cal row

25 box jumps 24″/20″ RX+ 30″/24″ level 1 14″/11″

25 squats

25 push ups w h/r Level 1 15 push ups

15 K2E Level 1 15 sit ups

As usual, Chris has programmed another great workout for the weightlifting class.  Wear you Oly shoes and be there at 10 am.


Front squat 80% 3 x 5

4 sets to failure: 1 hang squat clean + thruster + push jerk

Stiff legged dead lift 3 x 5

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  1. Klein

    Awesome Job Patty !! Proud to have you as my coach.. Keep up the great work fusion peeps … Good luck to those competing tomorrow too !