A big thank you to Mike Vonnes for the Remembrance thin blue line flag. And thank you for hanging it as well. I think it looks great!

Today is our Thor Fitness BBq! It’s going to be beautiful out today! Let’s get the weekend started with a team workout.

CrossFit TEAM WOD:

amrap 20 min:

Teams of 2:

400 meter run

20 wall balls 20#/14#

15 push ups w h/r

While athlete #1 is running athlete #2 is chipping away at 15 wall balls and 10 push up amrap. Athlete #1 will pick up where athlete #2 left off when coming back from the run ect …Score is total rounds and extra reps of wall balls and push ups.


1.3 sets tempo back squats @ 60%, 65%, 70%. % is by feel and not necessarily % of 1 RM. Tempo is 5 seconds down, 0 second paus and explode up.

2.Weighted pull ups x 25 reps

3.Core: 3 sets 20 ghd situps, 20 abmat situps