The 2016 CrossFit Open has begun!! What a great day watching you all attack open wod 16.1. If you registered to compete and have not been judged, you have until Monday 5pm to be judged and enter your score. Don’t wait until the last minute!! I’ll be judging between classes over the weekend. If you know someone that has taken the judge’s course, they can judge during class as well. Don’t forget to submit your score so I can validate. 

CrossFit WOD:

2 rds:

500 meter row

25 kb swings

500 meter row

25 goblet squats 

500 meter row

25 kb Sdhp

RX: 53#/35#

RX+ 70#/44#

L1 2#/18#


A. 5 sets 1 Front squat + 2 jerks. Go heavy but keep form

If you want to do more leg work do 3 front squats + 1 jerk

B. Push press 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps. Work on good dip and strong drive

C. Tabata situps

:20 sec work

:10 sec rest

8 sets