OCTOBER 17, 2013


OCTOBER 17, 2013

Awesome day coaching Fight Gone Bad veterans and virgins all day at Thor Fitness!  Almost every class was packed out today!  Great job everyone.

This Saturday Chris and I will be coaching another Weightlifting class at 11:30.  The attendance was great for the last two weeks.  I will keep this class going as long as attendance is there.  We’ll be going over the clean and jerk, and snatch.  We’ll use the Coaches Eye to video and go over your lifts.  Please leave a comment if you are attending, and/or if you have taken the class and want to keep it going.


Sumo Dead lift


*** this is a progression in weight for each set of 3 reps

CrossFit WOD:

Amrap 15 min:

5 dead lift 225#/155#

10 burpees

20 double unders

5 Responses

  1. Zumba

    Just did this in the gym up at Cortland! GOOD ONE! You know I love me some burpees<3 Patty, I'm getting better at double unders too! Hopefully I'll have then by Christmas break. Haha. Loving the new site too! Miss you all!

  2. Ann

    Ditto to Alison’s comment! Great workout and thanks for the help Chris! Anxious to do the weightlifting class, trying to work my schedule to be able to come!