The LuRong Resolution 2015 starts today.  We have a team of 12 registered for the 5 week challenge.  I will be doing your weight and measurements this week as well as programming the first wod, which will be posted on Wednesday that everyone will be doing regardless of being in the challenge or not. It’s important to not only eat clean, but to burn more calories than you consume. A great App that I just downloaded last week is My Fitness Pal. It’s a great way to keep track of what you eat every day and how many calories you are consuming.  Check it out.

Class hours are the usual, regardless of the holiday. 


Widow makers

20 back squats

Add 5# more than what you did last week. You can not rack the bar during your 20 reps.

CrossFit WOD:


Wall balls

Sumo deadlift high pulls

Every 2 minutes perform 5 pull ups.

RX  20#/14#, 95#/65#

RX+ 20# 10’/14# 10′, 115#/85#

L1 12#/8#, 55#/35#