Let’s start the new year off with a six week program of widow makers!  The first and last week will be finding your 1 RM back squat.  The following weeks every Monday you’ll start with 65% of your 1 Rm and perform 20 back squats without racking the weight. Each week we will be increasing the weight by 5 to 10 pounds and then we will retest the 1 RM back squat.  We’re doing this strength program every Monday.  If you miss it, feel free to make it up any time during the week during strength.  When finding your 1 rm back squat it will only count if you break parallel, which means your hip crease is below your knees. No more half squats or above parallel squats please!!

Also, I’d like everyone to really focus on full range of motion, form and technique of each and every exercise in the wod.  Myself, Santiago and Kristen will go over and demo every exercise to make sure it’s clear as to proper technique. It’s time to clean up and do things properly.  No more rushing through the workout and sacrificing your form just to get a good time on the workout. This will mean that many of you will also have to lighten up on the weight of your barbell work in order to achieve proper technique. The 2015 CrossFit Open is starting soon.  If you plan on registering and competing, less than proper form and full range of motion will result in a lot of NO REPS!

Many of you are asking questions about the Lurong Paleo Challenge that is starting January 19th.  What have you go to lose? Sign up ASAP!!  This is a great time to focus and clean up your diet and get back on track with your training. I’ll be posting over and over again the website details on the challenge.

The 7:30 am class is back starting tomorrow.

Part of your warm up today is Squat Therapy.  Feel free to do Squat therapy every day.  It can improve your squat, which is one of the most basic fundamental exercises that we do on a weekly/daily basis.

Check out this video on squat therapy …

And here is another video posted on the air squat. This is the main website posting videos on basic exercises!!!  Check it out …


Back Squat

find 1 RM


CrossFit WOD:

5 rds:

5 thrusters 

10 pistols ( alternate!! Right then left then right then left ect 5 each leg)

15 kb swings 

L1: 65#/35#, 26#/18#

RX: 115#/75#, 53#/35#

RX+ 135#/95#, 70#/44#