We will be testing our ten minute max cal assault bike ride coming up at some point in the next week or so. Monday Part A is just a ten minute warm up ride on the assault bike. Get the feel of a warm up pace. Monitor your RPMs. See what feels aerobic, see what feels like a burn. Think about what you could sustain for ten minutes. The more data you have about what you’re capable of during a workout, the better the chance of setting yourself up for success. How many wall balls do you do in a minute? How many burpees? What’s a sustainable 500m row pace vs 1000m row pace? You have to think your way through this stuff in order to get better.

Part A

10 Min moderate Assault Bike

Part B

4 Round superset

15 Bench Presses Unbroken

15 Dual DB Hammer curls-Strict, No Rocking

Part C

3 Rounds

Starting a new round every 6 minutes

3 Rounds of

10 Cal Row

10 Burpees Over the Rower

You will repeat this on the 6 minute mark and the 12 minute mark.

So yes, 9 rounds all together

**Score is slowest round